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Interview to Sorrows Path

Interview by Luis Landeo
Hi guys, welcome to Arsenal del Metalero, is a pleasure have an interview with you, my first question for start this interview and latin metalhead will want to know, in a short way is how the band started? and why this name of Sorrows path? 
Hello Luis and Arsenal del Metalero! We wish you are really fine! This interview is a great honor for us! We were formed on November of 1993 and released two demos in 1995 and 1996 entitled “Sorrows Path” and “promo ’96” that made us known in the Greek underground as a doom band with truly personal and unique sound and influences. From 1998-2005 the band was inactive because of various reasons and we came back with the compilation of our demos named “Resurrection”, that was released by Greek Eat Metal Records in 2006. We have performed many gigs all over Greece since our birth and their rebirth as well, either supporting well known metal bands like Solitude Aeturnus, Isole, Forsaken, Ereb Altor, Memory Garden, Pagan Altar, Scanner, Crystal Viper, Wotan and Brocas Helm, or sharing the stage with some of the most popular Greek bands. On October of 2010, our last album “The Rough Path of Nihilism” was out by German Rock It Up Records. In our conscience and our minds the name Sorrows Path was connected from the beginning with the life of all people. A life that, no matter how it looks, short or long, ugly or beautiful, has a quick ending and from that point only we consider it to be a vain path of sorrow.
Why the band had a break in 1998 to 2005?
The main reason was the bad incidents that happened to the band! The one of the two founders died by a serious brain disease and the other was almost paralyzed a few years later because of an after effect of a previous motorcycle accident. The result was that the band was inactive for the years 1998-2005, but when things got better about the health of the co-founder we were back in business for real.
In 2010 the band released the album: "The Rough Path of Nihilism", now you are working in a new album will be release in October like I readin your myspace account, tell me how goes the process of recording of this album? 
The new album will be out late 2012 by German Rock it Up records! We start recordings on August 20 at Fragile Studios in Athens but we keep pre-recording and rehearshing the new songs and everything’s going very well.
Your lyrics are about sorrow, depression like: "All Love Is Lost", "Nihilism" and "Prostitute", in what things you take inspiration for write your lyrics? 
To say the whole truth, we wonder how man can save his mortal existence through sympathy and pain and by overcoming his vanity and his desires! We talk about the liberation of man from the chains of dogmas and meanings so that he can find the animal and child that are hidden inside. We also express sarcasm and contempt towards vanity, fame, money, power and to all kinds of addictions. In a few words, we refer to things that can restore the broken harmonies anywhere they can be found!
Giannis is practically the new member of the band and he joined Sorrows Path in 2010. How was he called to be a member of Sorrows Path? 
During the recordings of “The Rough Path of Nihilism”, we decided that was necessary the addition of a second guitarist! The good news was that we finally agreed with Giannis to be our new guitarist because he was the the first in the list of our preferences for the position. He is also the guitarist for the Greek doomsters OMINOUS SKY and joined the spirit of the band very quickly. It was also very important that we had very good relations with him and being a member of a pure doom band he had proved his love and dedication to this kind of metal. Somehow, in our minds he continued in the 00’s what SORROWS PATH began in the 90’s, so the position of the guitarist in our band rightfully belonged to him!
What is the name of the new album? Can you tell me about the sound of this album? 
As we’ve already mentioned before, we are rehearsing the songs for our new album that will be out late 2012 by German Rock it Up records. There will be ten doomed songs on this album and the recordings will be completed on October 29. We have a new logo made by Christophe Szpajdel (Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Moonspell, Arcturus and many more) and have closed some important guests to participate on this album... More announcements very soon! Stay tuned for updates here: www.sorrowspath.net www.myspace.com/sorrowspathmusic www.facebook.com/sorrowspath
Are you thinking a tour for Europe for promote this new album? 
On our last album we only did some separate performances across Europe to promote the stuff, so we think that the time is right for a mini tour at least. There are many plans for lives in Greece and abroad in 2013, after releasing the new album…
I know you are from Greece, and Greece is very famous for have good bands like: Rotting Christ, Astarte, Necromantia and Nightmare, and now you, apart Greece is a great country with a lot history. I have to confess i like greek mythology with the famous myths of Perseus, Pegasus, Medusa, Jason and the Argonauts, The Minotaurus, Hercules, Zeus, and the books of Homer, but how goes the greek metal scene in this moment? And are you thinking write lyrics about Greek history? 
Thank you very much for the nice words! Greeks are very famous for their ancient culture and myths…of course there are also many other countries that have great history, Peru is another bright example! Our lyrics are inspired by Greek philosophy or religion and not only…but we don’t like speaking with myths, we need to be realistic or poetic.
Well was a nice interview guys do you have a last message for all the fans?
Of course…and really interesting questions! A big hello to all our Peruvian friends! We hope to meet you on the road soon! Doom on! 

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