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Interview to Kerasphoros of Wargoat

Interview by Luis Landeo
Hails Kerasphoros, is a pleasure have this interview with you, I really like your band, the first material of your band I listened was the Ep: Materia Prima, and now the full length entitled: Genesis of Epiklesis, but to start this interview what are the news the band have for the public? 
Hails and thanx for your support ! Soon will be out our split release with mighty brothers Black Ceremonial Kult through Godz ov war Productions in 12” Lp,cd format through Deathrune records and tape through Von Frost records.vAlso news stuff is being recorded for a 4way split with another bestial black/death bands from Greece, Beware!
"Genesis of Epiklesis" is the first full length of the band, how was produce this great work? and how was the recording days in the studio? 
Genesis of Epiklesis was recorded during 2014-2015.We spent a lot of hours in order to achieve the final result and remain satisfied about the production.Finally after many hours of recording war has already a face! We are not the case of the band that like clear productions for sure!
The cover of this album was made by: Thiti Somboonanek (Zygoatsis), how was contact him? and in what track is inspired this cover?
Thiti is a great supporter of my band and artist also ! Before Facebook shit I contacted him through mail and had a positive answer about drawing a cover for the second demo during 2008 ! After many years I sent him again in order to resurrect again his act ! I gave him the whole recording to listen and let him free to create anything he wants that refers to the title of the album. Main theme of this cover is of course the Goat-Pan and the invocation of the ancient spirits.
In 2016 your band realeased an split album with the band: Sickrites, how born the idea of both bands to produce this split album? and can you tell about this alliance with them?
Sickrites are great brothers of mine and we are in contact for years now. We thought that would be a great idea to have a split together,it is a great Honour for Wargoat to have a split with bands like Sickrites,True and devoted persons even in their personnal life.Underground maniacs,we hail them!
In what are inspired the lyrics of the band? and what of all the lyrics of the band is very personal for you and why?
Wargoat is inspired by many things such as destruction,occultism,war themes,Hate ,and fall of humanity through several situations.Every song has it’s personnal messages and let the listener, through music or lyrics, to search for these hidden messages,only for those who can see and catch the meaning. Black metal is not just a music.
Can you tell for the readers how the band started? and why this name of Wargoat? 
The band started at 2006 in order to personify our visions through our inner knowledge and our view on matters of Darkness and Hate.Underground scene has lost already the old aura,and we are here to stand as an obstacle to those who think that Black metal is something common and normal ! War and Goat united in one,War represent our hate and war themes side,Goat has to do with occult side of the band.  
I know Greece have a economical crisis, but how goes the blacker scene in Greece? and what can you tell about it? 
Due to the crisis and difficulties,we the Greeks have found courage to move on and fight without giving up our principles and traditions of who we are ! Through these situations Black metal scene has been bigger and many bands burst out of the scene,quality comes through feelings and the crisis helps for sure .
In all the pictures of the band, the banda wear campo cloth, what it represent for the image of the band?
Military clothes represent our purpose and vision of this music we play. Bestial black/Death metal is about War nails and bullets,so we spread the hate even with images even through our music. I can’t imagine Bestial metal of Death without this attitude,some characteristics are part of every kind of music,so it is with this kind also.
I hope see the band in a tour soon, you are a great band, and if you have in mind tell it, but to finish this interview have you a message for readers and fans?
Few and selected lives even out of our Country. Hails to all goats out there and spread the disease !

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Entrevista a Ater

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Interview to Wesley Beernaert of Ater

Interview by Luis Landeo
Hi Wesley welcome to Arsenal del Metalero, is a pleassure have this interview with you, to start with this interview can you tell me about your solo project of Black Metal called: Ater? 
Hello, Nice to be here. Ater actually started back in 1996, I bought my first guitar at 13 (my birthyear and month are January 1983) and that’s when I learned to play , first by earn then by theory. Before that I had been playing piano and keyboard since I was 11. Nothing much came of it, I learned to play most by tabs of bands I liked like Cradle of Filth, Emperor and Rage Against the machine (very good practice for rhythm and timing) and I started writing songs. Then I searched for bands but usually nobody stayed long enough, they were young and impatient and wanted fame almost immediately. So I kept on writing solo until I met my good friend Mantorok (is the name he chooses to go by), he later actually went to join Mortuum. He helped me write the E.P. titled “Valkennacht” but insisted his role was only a session member. Then all the tapes were gone and my computer destroyed by a flooding in my house and all files were lost. By a huge clean-up later I found them back on a broken hard disk and recovered them, that was 2004, and I replayed the bass parts since they were hardly heard in the mix.  You have to keep in mind we were very young at the time and things like interfaces were very new and unknown to us so even the vocals were recorded with a cheap handheld mic in a public bathroom to create natural reverb while my friend held the door..haha. We just didn’t know any better. Since then I have been playing In countless bands, gigging, touring, some as session vocalist, sometimes as lyricist, sometimes involved in writing, but the last band was Lemuria, I toured and played with them for 4 or 5 years I believe, it was a very pleasant but enormously energy consuming time since they did the genius musical work I did all the promo and marketing in my spare time, actually 140% of my spare time which involved taking the car to actually meet bandmembers and promotors to discuss packages and get us on the road for fair prices. In that regard, Lemuria grew rather quickly. But since a heavy accident I was in and out of hospitals for 6 months, getting random attacks, seizures, literally falling dead on the floor…. The doctors didn’t find out why and weren’t even sure if I would ever recover, until someone noticed traces of a hematoma in my brain, caused by the accident and he came forward with the theory that this swelling must have been huge at some point and did some nerve damage in my brain, that would have been the ”dropping dead” and “collapse and seizure reasons”. Meanwhile the band moved on with another vocalist since they already booked the studio and I was unable to perform at their level due to my poor state of health. So, after an experimental treatment and seemingly getting better, āter came back to the front and I am now re-releasing the old “lost” material, first digital (with artwork) and when the demand is there I’ll print a few 100 of them.
The logo of your project was made for Christophe Szpadjel who did Emperor Logo, so how was contact and work with him and have you in mind continue working with him? 
I first contacted Wappenschmied since he was recommended to me by many, and he did great, GREAT work… but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, Szpadjel actually offered himself to me and suddenly mailed me his artwork “it’s done”… and I got it, he even designed the logo for my session vocals and voice over business “Vokillzforhire “ ( https://www.facebook.com/vokillzforhire) where I do session vocals for various bands across the world out of a studio I built myself with all pro material. So, bands, solo artists looking for something different, from soft to hard to extreme, or even documentary makers take use of my services. Due to my years of experience in touring and gigging I also give classes in “how to improve your stage presence” and “how to connect with your audience and keep them engaged”. Got quite a lot of happy clients and students, so business is running well, though I will put a stop to it because I really need to finish that new āter album, people are waiting for it and creativity demands a certain input to stay alive. The combo of Szpadjel and Wappenschmied has been the best cooperation I could have dreamed of. Wht Szpadjel started, Wappenschmied finished with his signature touch and the results are absolutely brilliant!
You played in 3 black metal bands like singer (Satyrus,Lemuria and Persephone's Blade) and in one Avant Garde Metal band: Fabulae Dramatis, how was work with that bands? 
Oh they were all great. Satyrus was very experimental, mixing prog with technical psychedelic death and not afraid to experiment. The band ended because drummer and guitarist were brothers and they got into some kind of private fight, pitty, because Satyrus was doing quite well and the music for the next album was already completely finished. 

Persephone’s blade: probably some of the most brilliant songwriters I’ve worked with, containing members of Ancient Rites, ex-axamenta drummer, and more known bands like Plaagh and such. We did well, but the band was already tired when I joined, they had been working on music for years with different styles, first working under the name of gracefallen (female fronted), and just kept on recycling music, though there was so much talent into them, it just didn’t seem to work out. They have now evolved into Elusion, again female fronted and are doing absolutely great work!!!  You should keep track of them if you have a open mind.

Last: Fabulae Dramatis. The most special band I have ever worked with, using every possible style you can imagine, using every possible instrument you can lay your hands on, from salsa to metal to ballads, it’s all there…. Very dramatic and avant guarde indeed, I did the growling/grunt vocals on their last album as a session vocalist but never asked a penny because I learned so much from those guys, they are so fantastic and an excellent example of how people of different backgrounds can work together.

The members consisted of people of Colombia, Mexico, Norway, Russia and Belgium and we all just clicked, and with each rehearsal I just kept on learning more, I should have stayed with that band, they are so amazing to work with, warmhearted, completely “zen” in what they are doing and are absolutely in it for the art, not the image, purely the art of music. Their album “Solar Times Fables” which I recorded with them is certainly no easy listening but a pleasure to the ear for the openminded music lover. You’ll discover so much in that album after countless spins, it’s truly a work of magic and art combined.
And what can you tell about your experience like singer in all those bands? 
Satyrus tought me how to get a feel for unrhythmic rhythms, since they were so experimental mixing death with prog I had to work with very strange musical choices but they always worked out. I believe if we would have stayed together that this would have been a genre reborn.

Persephone’s blade didn’t produce anyting new while I was there so it’s hard to comment on that, except for the fact that I was a very dedicated vocalist I had to take the train for 4 hours or drive the car for 2,5 hours to get to rehearsals (the same place where Ancient Rites rehearsed) and my time with the guys has been good, until today we still work together, I lend my voice to them and they help me in various ways while creating music (like orchestration). I can safely say great friendships were left over.

Fabulae Dramatis: As you have read above, I can’t talk about this band enough…. So I won’t say any more, the previous answer should be sufficient  Unless you REALLY want me to, just send me another email. Just know that we are still working together and that we have released a videoclip called “agni’s dynasty: fire one”, and a “making off” of this clip and that there will be a new clip recorded within a few months with me in it as well since… well… I did the vocals.
Returning about your solo project, in what do you take inspiration to write lyrics? and how complicated is work alone? 
It’s a very slow process because of a lot of factors. With Lemuria I put ALL of my spare time in promoting and marketing them while they did their thing with the music, so I spent almost 5 year not playing guitar, I feel like I have to start all over again so I’m really practicing a lot, while I used to be a pretty good guitar player, practicing 4 hours a day, it’s amazing how fast you forget what you have achieved if you cease to practice. Also, I’m doing this completely solo, writing everything alone, note by note and still trying to find a solution to record properly without a studio. IF a studio is necessary I will use one, but for what would actually be a debut perhaps I can do it by myself, with some help of some skilled friends, I surely have enough equipment in my own studio to do so. But the artwork is already finished, the logo’s are done…. The only thing missing is the disk, and I WILL persevere and this album WILL see the light of day in 2019, I just hope people won’t be too surprised in how different it will sound compared to the EP I’ll release in a month or two, since almost 20 years of playing musician creates a certain evolution in how you think and write. The lyrical concept is already decided upon. The cd will be named āter (bandname): Title: Atrocious: (subtitle) Mankind’s collective downward spiral into madness and will usually handle different subjects of mental illnesses, from the perspective of the person suffering them and from the perspective of the people viewing them.
What are your metal influences? and what artist is your inspiration to still working? 
My first and last inspiration has always been emperor. From a very young age I discovered Venom and Metallica (after listening years to classical music only, and I thought that was fantastic, but I missed something), then I got to slayer and deicide and cannibal corpse at around age 10-12 I think, again, fantastic, but still missing something, then I got to Cradle of Filth and Emperor and I found what I was looking for, dark, aggressive, apocalyptic sounding black metal with a melodic overtune to it and very well written orchestration. For this new album I’m not sure if I’ll use orchestration, I would love to, but I can’t write orchestrations myself so I would need the help of somebody, but be sure to expect another mixture of old gorgoroth mixed with the typical windir reversed chord technique and the psychedelic parts and Agression of emperor, all with a very melodic and emotional sauce all over it.
You are from Belgium, how goes the scene there? 
The scene in Belgium is splintered but very much alive. I’m from the flemmish part and there are gigs around every week, but always with low upcome. We have the chance to have some pretty big festivals around here like throne fest and they are always a huge success (pure black metal festival), Grasspop succeeds into getting up to 50.000 unique visitors every festival day and not far from my home town there’s a concert hall (underneath the conservatory, no less) where frequently big bands play, like Gorgoroth came by not too long ago, I think you can safely say that at least once a month there’s a chance to see a pretty big band playing in my area, but tons of little ones. The French part has one great fest, called Metal Mean and recently also “Metal Durbuy” which seems to do very good but they have a much less splintered scene, people don’t care about genres as much there as they do here in the flemmish part where black metal people often look down on thrashers or what not…. Which I don’t understand because for me, metal has always been one brotherhood, like back in 94 when Marduk, Enthroned, Orange Goblin, In Flames, Dark Tranquility, Congress and Hammerfall could play together on this one festival called “with a Dragon’z Blaze”. That festival lasted for 4 or 5 years, but those were still the underground years so I believe they never got over 500 visitors, which is a pitty because the athmosphere, the bill and even the price was always great.
To finish this interview do you have a message to fans and readers?
Be open to music, don’t commit to one genre, be a music lover or don’t be one. You don’t have to like the music to know it’s good, when music is good it’s simply good, even when it’s not your taste. I myself prefer black metal but can enjoy a Lady Gaga song and even a lot of gothic electro and alternative things like project pitchfork, the crüxshadows or wumpscut and Kraftwerk. Keep your mind open and a whole new world of joy could reach you. Meanwhile I hope you’ll support my activities and like and share https://www.facebook.com/vokillzforhire because each like helps me get more clients and each paying client brings me closer to producing that next album. To finish, here’s a teaser of the almost 20 year old first āter EP that after the tape sales never ever has seen the light of day again until recently.  If you love this kind of simplistic, raw, pure black metal, you’ll certainly love the extra layers of melody I’ll put on top of that same signature sound on the new album. Cheerz and thanks for reading, thank you Ricardo Siniestro for having me! To the public: Be sure to message me or place on this board (or wherever this interview will find It’s home) how you think of the very old simplistic pure raw black metal done by a 17-19 year old, all by himself with just the help from his good friend Mantorok to write the riffs.

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Entrevista a Wilmer Evil Killer de Atrum Regnum

"...Nosotros tenemos claro que una buena forma de aportar aún más con la escena musical de nuestro país es dar un paso más allá..."
Entrevista por Luis Landeo
Saludos Wilmer bienvenido a Arsenal Del Metalero, un gusto tenerte por aquí, es bueno saber que te haz incorporado a otra banda, pues hace años te conocí en Perú, con tu ex banda: Schizophrenia, ¿como ha sido para ti integrarte a esta nueva agrupación? 
Hola hermano primero que todo muy contento de volver a saludarte y de estar aquí en el arsenal del metalero, bueno,para mi ha sido una experiencia muy agradable ya que en ATRUM REGNUM encontré personas con una increíble forma de ser, musicos muy talentosos y de gran carisma que me han ayudado y confían en mis capacidades como músico, desde mi llegada a la banda he sentido la fraternidad de parte de todos ellos y eso me a dado la confianza para afianzarme en esta gran banda  y dar mis aportes como bajista, ha sido una experiencia formidable y espero poder seguir creciendo a un mas junto con la banda.
Atrum Regnum lanzo por el año 2016, el ep: "Tras la Oscuridad", ¿la banda actualmente ha pensado lanzado algún nuevo trabajo discográfico? y ¿para cuando seria el lanzamiento de este material?
Si claro, la banda en este momento se encuentra  trabajando duro para poder grabar nuestro primer larga duración, el objetivo de ATRUM REGNUM es ya a mediados de este año empezar a ultimar los detalles de lo que sería el proceso de grabación, ya confiando en que todo salga bien podríamos estar hablando de un lanzamiento para el 2019.
Las líricas de la banda en su primer Ep, se enfocan en la temática de los "sentimientos humanos", actualmente con los cambios que ha tenido la agrupación en estos años, y para la nueva producción ¿piensa la banda mantener el mismo enfoque lírico?
Si, para nosotros es una parte fundamental mantener la línea de composición lírica pensando en lo que va ser nuestro nuevo trabajo,queremos mantener la idea principal en la banda ya que esto da el punto de diferencia en la intención de lo que queremos mostrar en nuestras composiciones.
Anteriormente tu tocabas en una banda de Black Thrash Metal, ¿que tan complicado para ti como bajista ha sido cambiar de un genero rápido y oscuro como lo es el Black Thrash Metal a un genero oscuro pero sentimental como es el Melodic Black Metal gótico? y ¿que aportes sumo tu estilo al sonido actual de Atrum Regnum?
Bueno realmente fue un poco complicado al principio, llegar de una banda dónde estuviste arraigado a una forma diferente de composición,a explorar nuevos sonidos siempre hace la diferencia,ver las cosas desde un punto de vista diferente  y en llegar a preguntarte como rayos puedo hacer mi aporte acá, te deja perplejo.pienso que un buen punto ami favor fue no haber caído en el cliché del radicalismo en cuanto a cuestión de géneros musicales, considero que mi adaptación a este nuevo capítulo en mi vida como músico,también en parte se lo debo a los muchachos de la banda ya que me han enseñado bastante y el echo de estar en ATRUM REGNUM  ya es bastante significativo para mi. En cuanto al aporte musical, tocar al lado de un violinista y una voz melódica diversifica un poco mas el concepto musical y tus ideas se empiezan a centralizar, sabes que como bajista tienes que acompañar la batería y la guitarra pero es hay dónde se da lo realmente brutal del asunto,ATRUM REGNUM  para mi cómo bajista ha sido un reto,un clímax de melodías en el bajo tanto por las líneas de composición como por lo que tu tienes que aportar. cuando tocó con la banda todo simplemente empieza a fluir y las ideas se aclaran totalmente,es hay cuando vez que   puedes dar lo mejor de ti. El echo de saber que eres comprometido con lo que haces y qué hay personas que realmente lo valoran deja en claro que lo importante es seguir haciendo lo que más me gusta y es hacer METAL.
¿La banda ha tenido en consideración hacer una gira para darse a conocer? y ¿como esta el circuito metalero para las bandas nuevas allá en Bogota?
Nosotros tenemos claro que una buena forma de aportar aún más con la escena musical de nuestro país es dar un paso más allá, afortunadamente la banda ha sido bien vista y de buen gusto para la gente que está fuera de nuestro país y realmente para nosotros seria un honor girar con ATRUM REGNUM, pienso que todo se dará con forme pase el tiempo y a los acuerdos que se pueda llegar a dar, sin duda sería una buena experiencia para la banda y bueno a nivel personal me encantaría volver a vivir todo lo que implica una gira, poder ver otra vez aquellos viejos amigos que aún recuerdo con mucho agrado seria brutal. En cuanto para la escena local ha sido bastante bueno el crecimiento que se vive ya que últimamente los eventos son de más calidad en cuanto a organizaciones y sonido, pienso que la escena bogotana a tomado fuerza y hoy por hoy se esta haciendo cada vez más fuerte en el ámbito nacional y deja   una buena imagen de las bandas de Bogotá. El apoyo a los nuevos talentos ha sido muy importante ya que hay una buena respuesta del publico y los organizadores dejan espacios a bandas que quieren mostrar su trabajo esto nos deja un buen concepto como escena metalera local.
Previamente a la entrevista me comentas que ustedes como banda aportan ideas cada uno para la composición de los temas ¿podrías comentar en que se inspiran por lo usual para componer los temas y que influencias tienen?
Bueno en cuanto  a la inspiración es fácil de guiarse ya que la banda se basa en el sentimiento humano aquellas cosas que nos afligen y que muchas veces carcomen el alma y no las puedes expresar por que tienes que aparentar estar tranquilo pero realmente vives tu propio infierno por dentro, en cuanto a las influencias se puede decir que cada quien tiene sus bases para trabajar y hacer sus aportes ya que en la banda aparecen géneros  que van desde la música clásica hasta el death y en mi caso pues aun la esencia Black Thrash que sigue manteniéndose viva y se ha visto reflejada en las nuevas composiciones.
Para finalizar ¿tienes algún mensaje para los lectores y seguidores de la banda?
Para los lectores del ARSENAL DEL METALERO un gran abrazo y un saludo muy especial de mi parte,no lo olviden ATRUM REGNUM METAL MELÓDICO DE BOGOTÁ  pueden seguirnos en https://www.facebook.com/AtrumRegnum, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP1YdCpAnMOhSTfSi-2m9Dw, a los seguidores de la banda muchas gracias por su apoyo incondicional y por esa buena energía.¡NOS VEREMOS PRONTO MALDITOS!

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Entrevista a Bob Katsionis

"...Debes ser un buen soldado y un líder justo al mismo tiempo..."
Entrevista por Luis Landeo
Hola, Mr. Katsionis, bienvenido a Arsenal del Metalero, ¿cómo está? es un placer tener esta entrevista contigo, me gustaría comenzar esta entrevista preguntando sobre la gira que está teniendo con Firewind, ¿cómo va esa gira? y ¿cuál es tu opinión sobre la escena sudamericana?
Es curioso que preguntes, porque acabo de publicar en  mi cuenta de Facebook un gran "Gracias" a todas esas bandas con la que tocamos juntos: Black Sun, Hemisphery, Wings Of Eternity, Walter Monsanto y más. ¡El nivel es genial y estoy muy contento de que sigan apoyando al Power Metal! ¡Muchos grandes músicos también! Y los fanáticos ... ¡fueron geniales! ¡Chicos encantadores que conocían nuestra música y letras y que hacían que algunos lugares pequeños suenen como estadios!
El mes pasado se lanzó su nuevo álbum titulado: "Prognosis & Synopsis", ¿cómo fue trabajar este álbum? ¿y qué tan complicado es tocar prácticamente todos los instrumentos para grabar un full lenght? y ¿cómo fue trabajar con su compañero: Vangelis Moraitis?
¡Para mí, tocar todos los instrumentos en un álbum es realmente muy fácil! No tengo que pedirle a nadie que toque algo, yo controlo los arreglos y mantengo la producción compacta y rápida. es por eso que lo hago todo por mí mismo. Eso mantiene mi mente en paz!
A diferencia del álbum anterior: "Rest in Keys", "Prognosis & Synopsis" es un completo full lenght instrumental, no hay letras para este trabajo, ¿cómo tomaste la decisión de trabajar en un álbum instrumental? como sabes muchos metaleros gustan de las líricas porque les gusta cantar mientras escuchan las canciones, y no todos gustan de los álbumes instrumentales, ¿es esto un riesgo que quieres tomar para este full lenght?
Si, la gente quiere escuchar a los cantantes, ¡pueden escuchar tantos otros grupos y artistas en el mundo! lo que hago es diferente e insisto en hacerlo así desde 2002, con mi primer álbum: "Turn Of My Century". Crecí con música instrumental como Vangelis, Manos Hadjidakis, Jean Michel Jarre y realmente no creo que puedas decir más con las palabras. "No creas una palabra ... porque las palabras se hablan fácilmente" como Phil Lynott solía decir!
¿En qué te inspiras antes de componer una melodía? y he visto que la portada de esta producción tiene elementos espaciales, ¿qué puedes comentar al respecto?
En este álbum, ¡obtuve mucha inspiración y motivación de los videojuegos que jugué en mi PS4! Oh sí, eso es verdad. ¡Me ayudan a viajar a otros mundos y definitivamente fuera de este! Mi mente se abre de par en par y cuando toco música, estas imágenes se reflejan en mis teclados.
Bob, eres una leyenda en el metal griego, ¿qué le puedes comentar para Arsenal del Metalero, sobre tus comienzos en el Metal?, ¿puedes contarnos sobre tu experiencia en todos estos años en el metal griego?
Todo lo que puedo decir es que debes ser un buen soldado y un líder justo al mismo tiempo. Asista a sus reuniones y ensayos a tiempo y conozcan todas sus notas. Y todo lo demás seguirá. Nadie quiere tocar o contratar a un imbécil que llega tarde y no cumple con su palabra. Así es como toqué con casi todas las grandes bandas de Grecia como Septic Flesh, Nightfall y ahora con Firewind. Todos confiaron en mí y yo di el 101% de mí mismo en el escenario.
¿Qué equipo usas para grabar tu música? y ¿qué consejos puedes decir para componer y antes de grabar un full lenght?
No tengo mucho equipo. Solo lo básico: un poderoso iMac, una interfaz de audio Metric Halo (básica) algunos teclados Korg que me encantan, un AX FX1 y algunas guitarras y bajos. Eso es más o menos todo. Un consejo muy importante es tener una buena interfaz de audio, un buen conjunto de altavoces en una sala relativamente agradable (la mía es una mierda por cierto) y confiar en que otras personas hagan lo que no se puede hacer como mezclar o masterizar, videos o ilustraciones.
Para finalizar con esta entrevista, ¿tienes un mensaje para fanáticos y lectores?
¡Me divertí mucho y comí bien en mi reciente gira por América Latina y estoy deseando volver a tocar para ustedes! ¡Asegúrense de revisar mi nuevo álbum y verifiquen el nuevo formato en el que estoy trabajando, ICON DISC!

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Interview to Bob Katsionis

Interview by Luis Landeo
Hello, Mr Katsionis, welcome to Arsenal del Metalero, how are you? and is a pleasure this interview with you, I would like start this interview asking about the tour you are having with Firewind, how goes that tour? and what is your opinion about the south American scene?
Funny you ask, cause I just posted on Facebook a huge "Thank You" to all these bands we played together: Black Sun, Hemisphery, Wings Of Eternity, Walter Monsanto and more! The level is great and I'm really glad you guys still support Power Metal! A lot of great musicians as well! And the fans...were great! Lovely guys who knew our music and lyrics and made some small venues sound like stadiums!
Last month was released your newest album entitled: "Prognosis & Synopsis", how was work this album with you? and how complicated is play practically all instruments to record a full length? and how was work with your partner: Vangelis Moraitis?
For me, playing all the instruments in an album is actually easier! i dont have to ask anyone to play something, I control the arrangements and keep the production compact and fast. this is why I do it all by myself. Keeps my mind in peace!
At difference with the before album: "Rest in Keys", "Prognosis & Synopsis" is a complete instrumetal full lenght, no lyrics for this work, how do you the desition to work an instrumental album? you know many metalheads like lyrics because they like to sing while they are listening to the songs, and not all like instrumental albums, so is that for you a risk you want to take for this last full length?
If people want to listen to singers they can listen to soooo many other bands and artists in the world! what I do is different and I insist on doing it like this since 2002, my first album "Turn Of My Century". I grew up with instrumental music like Vangelis, Manos Hadjidakis, Jean Michel Jarre and I really don't think that you can say more with words. "Don't Believe A Word...cause Words are easily spoken like Phil Lynott used to say!
In what do you take inspiration before composing a melody? and I checked the cover of this production have space elements, what can you comment about it?
In this album, I got a lot of inspiration and motivation from the video games I play in my PS4! Oh yes, thats true. They help me travel to other worlds and definitely out of this one! My mind then opens wide and when I play music these images reflect on my keyboards.
Bob, you are a legend in greek metal, what can you tell to arsenal del metalero, about your beginnings in Metal, can you tell us about your experience in all these years in greek metal?
All I can say is that you have to be a good soldier and a fair leader at the same time. Be at your meetings and rehearsals on time and knowing all your notes. And everything else will follow. Noone wants to play/hire an asshole who is late and doesn't keep his word. This is how I played with almost all the big bands of Greece like Septic Flesh, Nightfall and now with Firewind. They all trusted me and I gave 101% of myself on stage.
What equipment do you use to record your music? and what tips can you tell to compose and before record a full length?
I have no much of equipment. Just the basic stuff: a powerful iMac, a Metric Halo audio interface (basic) some Korg keyboards that I love, an AXE FX1 and some guitars and basses. That's pretty much all. A very important tip is to have a good audio interface, a good set of speakers in a relatively nice room (mine sucks by the way) and trust some other people to do what you cannot do like mixing or mastering or videos or artwork.
To finish with this interview do you have a message for fans and readers?
I had SO much fun and good food on my recent tour in Latin America and can't wait to play for you guys again! Make sure you check my new album and perhaps check the new format I'm working on, the ICON DISC!

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sábado, 24 de febrero de 2018

Entrevista a Tiago Monteiro de Flamenhell

"...La recepción fue muy buena, el CD fue elegido el séptimo mejor lanzamiento brasileño de metal en 2017. "
Entrevista de Luis Landeo
Hola Tiago Bienvenido a Arsenal Del Metalero. Me gustaría comenzar esta entrevista preguntando ¿cómo comenzó Flamehell? y ¿quiénes son los miembros de la banda? y ¿por qué este nombre de: Flamenhell?
Hola hermano. Gracias por tu apoyo. La banda la comencé yo en el año 2013. El nombre es una mezcla con 'Flames' y 'Hell'. Desde el principio, mezclamos Melodic Death, Thrash y Death Metal en nuestras canciones. Hicimos nuestro primer show en 2015 y desde entonces hemos sido muy bien recibidos por el público. Actualmente la banda es formada por: Tiago Monteiro (voz), Karl Neuman (guitarra), Cristiano Costa (guitarra), Madson Oliveira (bajo) y Vitor Alves (batería).
La banda lanzó un full lenght titulado: Fire Away, ¿cómo fue grabar este largo completo? y en ¿qué están inspiradas las letras de este álbum?
Grabamos de manera totalmente independiente, nuestro guitarrista trabajó con todos los audios, mezclas y masterización. La letra de este primer cd se basa en guerras, muerte y caos.
La banda lanzó un video musical, ¿cómo fueron las sesiones de grabación de este video musical? y ¿por qué eliges la canción "Die By My Hands" para grabarla en un video musical?
Las grabaciones fueron un poco confusas y peligrosas (risas). Invadimos un lugar abandonado y lo decoramoso todo, luego prendimos fuego en las paredes. El fuego se salió de control y tuvimos que detener las grabaciones; en el clip, las escenas con fuego fuera de control no se muestran en el video. Elegimos la canción 'Die By My Hands' porque podría estar bien representada en el video.
¿Quién diseñó la portada de este full lenght? y ¿en que pista esta inspirada esta portada?
La portada fue hecha por la compañía brasileña Artspell. El arte de nuestro álbum representa todas las canciones de este lanzamiento.
Tu ciudad: Joao Pessoa, tiene una notable escena de metal con bandas como Demonized Legion y Metacrose, pero en realidad en estos días ¿cómo va la escena?
La escena va bien, nuevas bandas están surgiendo y mantienen viva la llama del metal subterráneo. Bandas como Warising, Aporya y Sea of ​​Monsters han hecho un gran trabajo en mi opinión.
¿La banda está pensando en una gira para promocionar el nuevo full lenght?
Sí, hemos hecho muchos shows en varias ciudades. Ahora comenzaremos el nuevo CD y pronto volveremos a los shows.
¿Cómo fue la recepción de este full lenght? y ¿qué pistas son tus favoritas?
La recepción fue muy buena, el CD fue elegido el séptimo mejor lanzamiento brasileño de metal en 2017. Para nosotros fue algo muy bueno, la banda es reciente y trabajamos de forma independiente. Mis canciones favoritas son 'Systematic Chaos', 'Fmw 35', 'Avro Lancaster', 'Die By My Hands' y 'The Temple of War'.
Para finalizar con esta entrevista, ¿tienes un mensaje para los fanáticos y lectores?
Sí, me gustaría agradecer a todos los que apoyan a la banda. Estamos trabajando duro para nuevos lanzamientos, nuevos álbumes y videos. Si todo va bien, este año 2018 todavía lanzaremos nuestro segundo álbum. Gracias a la invitación de Arsenal Del Metalero para la entrevista. ¡Nos vemos la próxima vez!

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