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Interview to Rob Luckie of Seeking Obscure

Interview by Luis Landeo
Hello Rob, nice to have this interview with you, can you tell to Arsenal Del Metalero, how start this metal project of Seeking Obscure? and why this name of seeking Obscure?
First THANK YOU for your time and interest in SEEKING OBSCURE! This project started in 2006 after the demise of essentially every band I had been in previously. For one reason or another (most of them stupid) those bands fell apart without seeing their full potential. At best only a few demos were recorded,and a string of shows played but they all broke up before it went any further. My answer is I got really pissed off! Pissed off that I couldn't realize my dream of being in a brutal metal band that recorded albums and played shows, because of some guy's girlfriend bullshit or unreliable people! I figured the only person I could rely on to make this happen was myself. Being that I love Heavy Metal in general From Judas Priest to Suffocation....I didn't want to limit myself to any one genre of Metal that had influenced me over the years. Quite literally I was "seeking" for a sound.....and yes I wanted it different but familiar hence: SEEKING OBSCURE.
In what do you take inspirarion for write the lyrics of your project?, by the way i notice you are very fan of kiss, and you did a cover of them: Charisma, in what help your KISS influence for you music?
At first my lyrics from way back were those of horror and gore....I loved horror movies as a kid, like many Death Metal fans/musicians do. But as I got older I took things more personal and injected my opinions and feelings about what I've been through in my life or what is going on in the world. My full length was very personl lyrically. And dealt with personal betrayal and the war(s) going on. KISS I think in one way or another has had some influence directly or indirectly with anyone in metal. Especially my generation and the one before it. From spitting fire and blood to corpse paint in black metal bands...that's KISS! I guess I just admire their influence on music.
By the way what are your metal influences? and what equipment do you use for play your music?
I like a lot of the new bands that are coming out but for me it always goes back to the greats of the scene that got me into this in the first place: DEICIDE,CANNIBAL CORPSE, SUFFOCATION, DEATH......a lot of the early to mid 90's Death Metal. And thrash!! It always seems like the "old dogs" come back to show the pups how its really done LOL! For equipment I have been a dedicated user of Ibanez guitars both in my 6 string basses and my guitars. I discovered a company by the name of Agile, really liked their 7 strings after I beefed up the pickups...but something pulled me back to an Ibanez. I currently use a Xiphos 7 string and couldn't be happier! Ibanez=METAL! For effects I use a Line 6 POD X3 . My drum kit is a Yamaha electric set w/ a DTXtreme iis module as a midi controller, with DFH as the sound library. I could use a drum machine or program them like most one man projects, but I just love playing drums!
What is the difficult part to be one man in band? and do you see the future of this kind of projects one one man band or two men in band? because now we see projects like: Putrid pile, Bloodsoaked, satyricon, Archaic Winter and many others
The most difficult part of doing everything yourself is just that.....doing EVERYTHING yourself! When some bands with full members simultaneous tracking, writing and rehearsing cant take place. Everything is a long drawn out process (at least it is for me). Write...practice.....record....repeat. I've talked to other guys doing the same thing and everyone seems to have their method of getting it all put together. Speaking of Putrid Pile, along with Insidious Decrepancy....those two bands actually motivated me to do it myself. "These guys don't let not having a band stop them, why should I?" I'm open to having another person or members in SEEKING OBSCURE, but I really see it staying just me. And that is cool. It's my outlet for me to get out all my creativity and musical aggression when not playing in other bands. It's always their for me. The band wont break up unless I quit (laughs)!
I know you are working in a new release, how goes the recording session for this new release?
For once in my life I have a plethora of songs or song ideas!! The cup is much so that I have really had to buckle down and focus on the material that I really want to appear on the next release. I think I have matured as a musician between CDs. So I very eager to finalize the songs and get them to press as soon as possible! I have a little over 1/2 of it recorded....I will have a new track featured on the next METALBOLIC RECS compilation CD this year. Followed by the full length.
Had you the chance to play in live? how was this experience?
I did at one point recruit a good friend of mine TOBY KNAPP(Onward/Godless Rising) to perform live guitars with me for some shows. He had his one man black metal project WAXEN so we joined forces with a drummer and performed material from both our CDs. It was a blast, it held up to the vision I had at the time for the band. Being from Wyoming many people didnt know that music like this was coming out of our state, let alone the town where I live.
For end this interview, do you have a last message Rob?
Keep up your great work you are doing with your site and band as well! Hope that people will continue to support the scene and BUY PHYSICAL MEDIA!! I very much appreciate the support and great feedback I've recieved......extreme music has been my life and always will be! Please visit my label METALBOLIC RECORDS ( ). It's all about spreading the brutal sounds!! ....Lastly thanks for the interview, I'm humbled by it and enjoyed your questions, Hornz Up brother! 

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