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Interview to Edgar Rivera

Interview by Luis Landeo
Hails Edgar is a pleasure have an interview with you, I know you was found member of the famous Texas Doom Metal band: Solitude Aeturnus, but I want to know How are you? How goes the projects in your life?
Thank you for having me Luis I'm doing great, thanks for asking. Projects? Well at this time, I'm currently working with Ex- Solitude Aeturnus drummer John Covington on an experimental project, I wish I can elaborate more but even we are not sure what direction it might take... Like I said, it's just experimental but we are sharing ideas and hopefully we can come up with something new and interesting within the Doom genre.
This year you worked in the second full length of the Greek band: Sorrows Path will be entitled: "Doom Philosophy", how was work with the guys at distance? And how they propose you play in this new work of them? 
Yes, Sorrows Path! First, I want to say that they are just an awesome bunch of guys. It was really great working with them on a professional level. I was very impressed on how disciplined and dedicated they are in the studio, these guys are focused and know exactly what they want. At a Distance, I mainly worked with Kostas Salomidis, totally great guy by the way! We stayed in touch through out the project from beginning to end and we still stay in touch even after the project, a great friendship was developed between us out of this project. He sent me the song "Tragedy" which will be the opening song for their new and upcoming CD "Doom Philosophy" and just flat out told me that I had full reign with the song and to do as I wish with it, well after I listened to the song, I felt that it didn't need anything, the song had killer riffs, great composition and arrangement, it was just right...so all I did was played the solo, that's all that was needed.

By the way can we take this like a return of Edgar Rivera to the music and Metal of course? 
Maybe...(laughs)! Seriously though, time will tell. I'm looking forward to this project with J.Covington, it won't be easy because we live in different states but if all goes well then yes, I guess you can call it a "comeback".
Something metal fans from this part of the continent will want to know why you left: Solitude Aeturnus?
I knew you would ask. It was really a combination of different things... But to be a little more specific, I was just going through some personal issues in my life at that time and it was taking a lot of my time and attention from the band, it was really starting to affect my playing as well, I felt that it wasn't fair to S.A. so I decided that it would be best if I quit. I felt comfortable that they would not lose a beat with Steve Moseley, he has filled the spot nicely.

Edgar, you are a good guitarist and nobody have doubt of that tell us how you compose your riffs and guitar solos? In what you take inspiration and your techniques?
Thank you for the compliment Luis... Well on riffs I basically just let them come naturally and solos too, Solos are a little more complex though, I always start by improvisation first, if I like it then I leave it as it is, if I don't, I build or modify around the improvised version and that's it. I assume most guitar players do it the same way... except for the ones that are content on just improvising of course. On techniques... That's really hard to answer... I just find the easiest most comfortable and efficient way to play something and practice, practice, practice... I can't stress that enough. The inspiration really comes from anyone that can play with grace, and it doesn't necessarily have to be a guitar player, it can be a piano player sax player or violin player... It's what I hear and how it's played that I'm attractive to... elegance, beauty or darkness is what influences and inspires me. 

I would like to know if can you tell a few about experiences in play in stages? Where and when was the best performance do you played and remember? 
That's almost impossible to answer Luis haha! So many great experiences and shows! But if I had to pick one, it would be the Bang Your Head Odyssey in Metal show in Waken Germany in 2001, that was one of the most memorable shows... sharing the Stage with bands like Judas Priest, Megadeth, Savatage, Armored Saint and many, many others was an experience that I will never forget... Great times!
To end this interview do you have any last words? 
That's it Luis, thank you for having me and just like to encourage everyone to check out Sorrows Path's new Cd "Doom Philosophy" that will be release within the next few months, so stay tuned, they will also have other great guest's as well, including Snowy Shaw.

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