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Interview to Alexey Gasakov from Stormhold

Interview by Luis Landeo 
Welcome Alexey, how are you? how goes the things in Belarus and in your band?
Hi!!! Affairs go normally. Political and economic situation in Belarus I think we shouldn't consider. In group affairs go more or less normally. We finish work on new album. We think from autumn to make video clip on the song "The History Pages". To organize an concert of group so to speak in honor of its decade. Possibly at this concert to make album presentation.
To start really this interview, this year the band released an ep titled: "Eyes In The Eyes" is this a promo work for you second full lenght? and why you took the desition of release this work in digital? 
EP "Eyes In The Eyes" is fact-finding release. All three compositions will enter into an album. Therefore the decision to post it in the Internet and to give the chance of free downloading was made. Especially existence of digital option on the Internet gives the chance to receive comments for work without official release and special financial expenses. And it would be very interesting to us to hear opinions and responses.
I like the art of this Ep, because is futuristic, and at the same time apocalyptic, but what message do you want express? and in what you focus alexey for write your lyrics, because you talk of the "future" in your lyrics? 
Apocalyptic in EP suffices. The picture as though says that eyes want to see beauty when inside and outside the world is destroyed. Each track is a reflection on today's reality, on instability in the world, on behavior of the person in a concrete situation, his fight against the demons and world around which goes mad, etc. And this work presents a mix of a melodics, speed in the musical plan in death riff. I practically didn't participate in work on EP and an album. When I came to group everything already was made. Only I wrote down a vocal.
I want talk some of the history of the band, when the band started played: Power/Thrash Metal and we can notice in the demo: "2050", and in the first full lenght: "Negative Infinity" you changed to play: Melodic Death Metal, so why the band changed of metal style? 
Generally change of the direction was caused both change of the vocalist, and development of musicians. The group decided to play more aggressive music, but thus with existence of beautiful melodies. Therefore melodic death was ideal option for further development.
The band isnt signed with a label yet, so how goes this hard work of the self release your works? and how difficult is work like independent band in Europe? 
Group advance by own efforts very difficult business. In Belarus, as well as on all space of the former Soviet Union, about metal music quite difficult. As though there is a scene, more of excellent groups, labels, studios, but unfortunately very few groups are known outside the CIS and have good contracts with the western labels. Soon time we will start carrying on negotiations with labels on the album edition. To the word speaking already there are two interested labels.
By the way, and how are going the recording days in rock-center studio for this new release? 
Record is already complete. Now there is a data process. All work is complete already for 80%. Very tiresome process, and we look forward it end. I hope by summer everything we will finish.
Alexey, I know you are the third and new vocalist of the band, how was you called to be the new guy in the band? by the way, Alexey, had you the chance to play in live with the guys? and have you in mind an european tour after the release of this new work? 
Yes, I already played with guys. We already had some concerts. We plan to act on annual metal the Metal Crowd festivals which takes place in Belarus. And so concerning performances there is a lot of ideas. As I spoke above groups from the former Soviet Union have problems with the organization of tour. Especially outside the CIS. In much it is connected with that all musicians also work at the main works. In STORMHOLD too there is such problem. But we will think as it to solve. We while didn't think of tour. One more problem that practically don't pay to groups for concerts. Many can't go to tour at own expense. This unprofitable action.
Well man for end this interview do you have any last words? 
Listen to good, qualitative music. Love metal, live it!!! Well also listen to STORMHOLD. Thanks!!! 

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