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Interview to Linda Mcdonald of The Iron Maidens

Interview by Luis Landeo
Hails Linda, welcome to Arsenal Del Metalero, how are you? and I know the band will come to Latin America again, how was the confirmation of the dates in this part of the continent? and how do you feel you to return to southamerica? and what can we expect from this new tour? 
Hi!!! I’m doing great, thank you!! We are totally excited and honored to be asked to return to Latin America again. We are going to play some great classic Maiden tunes for everyone and even learned a new one to play that we did not perform the last time we were there. \m/ These are our dates for this upcoming tour:
Jueves 31-7-14
Latitude 47: Calle 47 No. 25, Urb. Marbella, Panama City, Panama

Viernes 1-8-14
Terra Bar: Av. Boyaca # 48A-18, Bogota D.C., Colombia

Sabado 2-8-14
Teatro Matacandelas: Calle 47 #43-47, Medellin, Colombia

Domingo 3-8-14
Teatro Jorge Isaacs (Cruzada del Fuego XII): Cra. 3 #12-28, Cali, Colombiawww.teatrojorgeisaacs.com.co, www.cruzadadelfuego.com

Martes 5-8-14
The Blood: Jr. Hernan Velarde 205 Santa Beatriz, Lima Cercado Lima, Peru Telefono: 51-1-774-8940

Jueves 7-8-14
Adiscercruz:Av. Suarez Arana #171, Santa Cruz, Bolivia 

Viernes 8-8-14
Ex-Carnivale:Av. Libertador y Bolivar #1566, Cochabamba, Bolivia 

Sabado 9-8-14
Cinematica Boliviana: Rosendo Gutierrez #110, La Paz, Bolivia
In 2012 the band released an ep called: "The Root Of All Evil" but have in mind your band release another cover album?
For sure! We actually have released a full-length self-titled CD back in 2005 and Route 666 as a follow-up in Japan. These past releases are completely sold out and have past members playing on them, so, yes we do plan to release another cover album sometime soon with the current members featured on it.
Well The Iron Maidens is the best tribute band of Iron Maiden, specially because all the member are females, how is for all of you play the songs of Iron Maiden? and how do you feel you when you play it? and what is the magic secret have The Iron Maidens to show the same energy and feeling like Iron Maiden? 
Aw, thank you for that! Though I must say there are a lot of great Maiden tributes out there!! Haha about the magic secret! There is no secret, it’s just a passion and love for the music of Iron Maiden in all of us! We all know these songs so well and have grown up listening to them that it is not difficult to feel the music unless you are playing it wrong! (laughs)! We try NOT to do that! Maiden is a major influence and reason many of us girls play music so I think the secret to finding other girls who play this music was the real trick!!! 
I would like ask you how born exactly The Iron Maidens like tribute band? and well actually the band have new members how is for you work with this new line up? 
I LOVE this current line up! I wouldn’t trade anyone for the world!! We are bandmates and also great friends as well just playing some great kick ass music together, so that makes it all the more fun! The Iron Maidens came about almost 13 years ago and was the brainstorm of our original singer, Jenny Warren. She was playing in a Maiden tribute with all guys plus a female on bass and wanted to make the whole band female. It took many many months of searching but at last the lineup was complete and the band has been going strong for 13 years or so now with various lineup changes. Wanda (Steph Harris) and I are the two original members who are too stubborn to let it die! 
Something interesting of the band is the female version of Eddie The Head, who proposed the idea of make an eddie the head female version? and had you any comment from part of Iron Maiden members about the eddie the head female version? and by the way exist any plan to open a show of Iron Maiden? 
Our female Eddie is Edwina! She was named by none other than Derek Riggs, the creator of Eddie!! He did our artwork on the first CD we released and took all the input of us girls to create the Edwina we have today! Since we are a female tribute to Iron Maiden, we thought it was only right to have a female Eddie as well. As for opening a show for Iron Maiden, we would all LOVE to do that but don’t foresee that happening. We can only wish!!! 
You Like fan of Iron Maiden, what are your favorite Iron Maiden albums? and what do you think about the new works of Iron Maiden? 
Personally, I favor the albums up through Live After Death the most, but I do love the albums after that release as well! I was just learning to play drums when all the earlier part of their catalogue was current and it just holds a special place to my drumming heart because those albums, particularly the first 3 albums, were the whole reason I started to play drums to begin with. Clive Burr and his enormous energy was the main reason I picked up the sticks. Their newer material is a constant evolvement of their writing and musicianship and I love to follow it every step of the way! 
About the tour, I would like to know have in mind the band record a dvd like you did in Japan in 2010? and how was record that dvd in Japan? 
We did not plan on it for now, but the one we did in Japan was SO fun and a great product! The record company there arranged it all and really did a great job! They recorded several nights and got candid footage of us geeking out about town. It’s a great memory! Again, we have run out of copies of that DVD a long time ago and do not plan to restock it. 
To finish this interview do you have any words to the readers of this website and your fans? 
THANK you for supporting  metal music and The Iron Maidens!!! Thanks Arsenal Del Metalero, We love love LOVE Latin America and the crowds and people and energy and cannot wait to come back!! We will see you soon!! Please check www.theironmaidens.com for all the latest and Up The Bloody Irons!!!! 

To know about The Iron Maidens: 

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  1. porque a banda The iron maidens que e formada so por mulheres como eu sou homem gosto de ver mulheres no palco em portugal nao ha bandas de femininas eu gostava de ver a banda The Iron Maidens em portugal . Os paises tem o direito de ver as bandas ou nao tem o direito de ver as meninas no palco posso por a foto da banda The Iron Maidens no vidro no meu carro ? e andar pelas estradas em portugal com a tofo ?