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Interview to Maria Loti of Dimorfia

Interview by Luis Landeo
Hails Maria, welcome to Arsenal Del Metalero, I really enjoyed listening music of the first album of Dimorfia entitled: "Utopia", tell me how was produce this album? and why took 9 years for the band in release this first ful length debut? 
Hello and thank you so much for this opportunity! I`m glad to hear that you enjoyed our music! The production of the album “Utopia” was a very exciting procedure. I learned a lot of things and I can say that it was one of the most important periods of my music career to this day.  Dimorfia band was created in 2008 by Kimon  Pantelidakis ( guitar) and Kleanthis Xenitidis (bass) with a different line-up and a different sound. Through the years some of the members left the band due to personal reasons. That was the main reason for the delay of the album's debut.  Since the new line up was established, in the beginning of 2014, Dimorfia made the decision to try something different in their music and so a new era began for the band! We started the hard work and after a lot of music experimentation and with the help of our producer Kostas kofinas, and George Baltas (drums, vocals, co- producer)  we “gave birth” to the album entitled Utopia! The whole production, recordings, mix and master  was made by Kostas Kofinas at Blueberry Productions Co. We also had the honor to collaborate with two great singers and very good friends, Aristotelis Mavropoulos  who sang some beautiful backing operatic vocals on the song “Fear” and Kostas Margaritis who sang the brutal vocals on the song “Dimorfia”.
Can you tell me about the history of the band? and in what do you take inspiration to work in the lyrics?
As I previously said Dimorfia were formed in 2008 with a different line-up! The band's music was a mixture of heavy, power and thrash metal. In 2012 they released their first demo “Perfect sound metal”. They played at many local events in Thessaloniki, our hometown, and they gained the respect of the metal audience! The beginning of 2013 was the time for George Baltas( vocals, drums), Nikos Giogas(guitar),Stathis Hatzioannidis(keyboards) and myself to join the Dimorfia family!  All the lyrics are written by George Baltas. He's inspired by all the things happening in his life. His lyrics are a combination of emotions such as love, happiness, anger, sadness.  
Can you tell about the concept of the tracks of this album? and why Dimorfia entitled this first full length like: "Utopia"? 
The concept of “Utopia” is mainly based on the fight between good evil and how they can co-exist within a human being. They are the two side of the same coin. George tries to explain this combination through symbolism and allegorical images and all of us together try to approach this feeling through our music. We like the meaning of Utopia so that’s the reason why we used that as the title. Utopia is like the promised land, a ”Neverland” that every human tries to reach. A unique, personal world of redemption. This album is a part of our own Utopia and we wanted to share that with anyone who is feeling the same way!
I like the cover of the album, who designed this cover? and in what song is inspired this cover?
All the artwork and layout were designed by Giannis Nakos at Remedy Art Design! He made a marvelous work!!! I think that he wasn’t inspired by just one song. He listened to our album and then he tried to combine the feeling that our music gives with the meaning of the lyrics and the words Utopia and Dimorfia! I think that he succeeded in doing so! I really like his point of view!
I like your power metal sound, but What are the influences of the band? at the first time i listened the song "Signs of the fall" i noticed some influence of Therion, is therion a influence for you?
Our main influences are all kinds of metal and rock music with power, epic, and symphonic metal being on the top of the list! However, into “Utopia” you can identify influences from soundtracks, celtic, classical and eastern music. When we are composing our music we are trying to be open-minded in order to allow our influences to be combined and create a unique result. As for Therion, I listened to their music for the first time at the age of 15. I remember buying  the album “Live in Midgard” without knowing anything about their music! I was so excited after listening to this album! Therion is one of my favorite bands, to this day. It is one of the bands that inspired me to take classical singing courses and to be a member of a Symphonic metal band. So I can say for sure, that this band is a big influence for me and Dimorfia too!!!
I like the high level of your voice, can you tell what is your secret or tips to have a good level for symphonic /power metal vocalist will read this interview?
Thank you so much for your kind words! I think that the biggest secret about singing is practice!!! Taking courses with a good teacher-mentor would also be very helpful of course! Personally, I studied classical singing for 6 years. Now I am experimenting with other vocal techniques. Another important thing for me is listening to a lot of different kinds of music and trying to understand the way the other singers are using their voice, but practicing is the most important thing for me. This is the way to find your own voice, to discover your limits and overcome them day by day!
I interviewed a few bands from Greece, and they told me the country is crossing an economical crisis affected bands, but why the country is in crisis? and this affected in part to Dimorfia?
To be precise, Greece is going through an economical crisis for almost a decade now. The political choices made by current and previous governments are the main reason why the people of Greece is going through very hard times at this point. Greek society is deeply affected by this situation and the results of this first appeared in the arts and the culture since they are falsely considered a luxury ! So there are many difficulties here faced by all the bands including Dimorfia too of course! However,  I prefer looking at things from a positive point of  view. History has shown that every dark period is followed by a big artistic movement. The only thing that we can and we are in a way obliged to do is to stay united and keep on being creative. Maybe this is the only way to make this world a bit better! 
Is in mind a tour to promote the album? and to finish with this interview do you have a message for readers and fans of the band?
We don't have a scheduled tour at the moment but we hope to be on one soon! It's one of our dreams to spread our music all over the world! Surely we will try to have as many gigs as possible in collaboration with our management team Angels PR! First of all, I'd like to thank you for this interview! It's a great opportunity for us! I would also like to thank all the people who support us! You make our will to continue our work stronger It's very important for us! Keep on metal people!!!

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