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Interview to Ilias of In Vein

Interview by Luis Landeo
Hails Illias, how are you? and welcome to arsenal del metalero, and to start with this interview can you tell me about how the band started? and who are the integrants of your band? and why this name for the band?
Hails from Athens! I was fine but now I feel even,thank you for the interview opportunity you gave us! The band got started during the Winter of 2005.It was a decision between me and Angel Paul who played the guitar at first.We liked that kind of music and he wanted to leave our mark on the gothic-rock scene!

In Vein band members are:
Ilias (me) - Vocals
Angel Paul - Bass and back vocals
Nick - Lead Guitars
Manos - Rhythm guitar
our new members:
George Sofianos - Keyboards
George Tzitzifas – Drums

Our band's name is the phrase in vain,but we put an 'e' in the place of 'a' so that it means 'through the vein' or something! :P Like our touches you fast(we hope) like coming straight through the listeners veins!
Combinning the meaning of the phrase 'in vain' with our lyrics that talk about love and human relations...because unfortunately many things in life are happening in vain!

How was work the last production of the band: veiled in pain? and how was record in the studio? 
Our EP ''Veiled in Pain'' was recorded at Black Box studios in Athens.Then the mix of the recorded channels was made by Elias Thanasoulas. Finally,the Mastering took place at TSL Studios by George ''Lunatic'' Tsomokos a good friend of the band and amazing composer and sound engineer!
What equipment the band use to record and play in live? and what are the influences of the band? 
We mostly use ESP guitar,tuned at ''drop D' so that the sound is heavier.The bass is Cort and the keys Yamaha or Korg,depending in the occasion and the place of the concert. Drums are the ones that each venue has to offer.I also use my personal Sure Beta 58A Microphone while singing. Our main influences are: The 69 Eyes,The Sisters of Mercy,HIM,Type O Negative,Sentenced,Dope Stars,Marilyn Manson,Deathstars,Charon,London after Midnight,Diary of Dreams,Diorama and a few others...
In what are inspired the lyrics of the band? and how the band take time to prepare new songs? 
The lyrics are inspired by the amazing capability of people to deeply wound other people.Our lyrics refer to the sentimental wars between people...Except our personal relations and life,we also get inspired by friends and people we know or...we used to know! Most of the songs are composed by me and recorded (rough) with acoustic guitar and vocals. Then we gather all together to see what changes are going to be made before we record them at studio! 
I was checking some songs of the band and you have good influence of industrial metal with goth, but how do you define the style of the band? and by the way i like the music videos of In Vein, are you thinking record new music videos? 
We play gothic rock with industrial elements.Some people claim that we play gothic metal. But it doesn't matter,we don't care about the 'labels' since they like our music... No hard feelings! I am glad you liked our older videos! Sure,we are thinking to create a new video at the beginning of the next season,probably September-October.
Can you tell me about how is actually the greek metal/rock scene? 
Unfortunately,since the crisis begun many rock-metal bands have broken up...also many venues have closed so the bands don't have so many opportunities to give a concert.Also,they give less money and sometimes they don't even pay the musicians! But many musicians try to overcome these problems and keep playing,giving concerts etc.
Have in mind the band give an european tour? and what places have in mind tour? 
After we find a good company for our full length album,we are planning to take a European tour and visit countries like: Italy,Portugal,Romania,Ukraine,U.K,France,Germany,Belgium,Russia,Austria etc. because from these countries we receive good feedback and messages in our page! I forgot to mention Spain! We had a proposal a few years ago to visit Spain for two shows,but about a month before the shows they had to cancel our arrival because of the expenses...we had asked them to cover our transport and they finally couldn't...
To finish with this interview do you have a message to readers of the website and fans?
We live in a difficult period for all mankind... From one hand is the economic crisis and from the other,the cultural crisis.Both of them are related and they affect many people. Try not to take some thinks seriously,because you're going to lose your mind but also stay informed for everything happening globally. Try to listen to good music and always search for new bands,not only the ones that the big companies promote! Finally,have in mind that the only music that it's suitable for every hour of the day,every occasion depending on your emotions, is rock-metal music with all it's genders! It's the most complete music,probably even more than classical music. It can speak to your heart when you are angry,happy,dissapointed or calm.Support it and your life will get better only from that.

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