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Interview To Sally Gates of Orbweaver

Interview by Luis Landeo
Hail Sally, welcome to Arsenal Del Metalero, my first question for start this inteview, what is exactly Psychedelic Death Metal? and what elements have this new metal style? At the same how the band create this new metal genre? 
Hi Luis, thanks for having me here... ‘Psychedelic death metal’ is just one way we have been described. Orbweaver tends to throw the listener down the rabbit hole, and in doing so there is definitely an amount of psychedelia involved, as well as full on metal riffs. I wouldn’t say we are creating a new genre, there are definitely others out there who fall into a similar category.
How goes the last details of the recording of the debut Ep: "STRANGE TRANSMISSIONS FROM THE NEURALNOMICON" and how was the recording days? is the band signed with a label? 
“Strange Transmissions..’ was recorded in Miami with Jonathan Nunez of Torche. Jon did an excellent job helping us capture every nuance of Orbweaver while still retaining the power and vibe of a live performance. Brian Elliot at Mana Recording Studios in St. Petersburg, FL mixed and mastered the tracks for us. He added a modern feel to the warm analog sound Jon got for us, which blended together came out sounding amazing! Right now we are working with Primitive Violence Records who are releasing the EP as a limited edition cassette. We are self releasing the CD and digital downloads.
Is interesting the band have an ex member of HATE ETERNAL, and this member is Randy Piro but how start this project? 
Randy and I used to play together in Gigan. After leaving Gigan, Randy relentlessly pursued his musical vision and assembled a line-up from musicians he found around South Florida. I joined him in Orbweaver several months later.
I know you are from New Zealand, but the band is from Miami-USA, do you miss your country? What difference do you find between New Zealand metal scene and American metal scene? 
Having toured around America several times, it’s hard to sum up the whole scene as a lot of centres are very different to one another. Orbweaver is based in Miami, and there is actually has a very cool music scene down here. People are very open minded and there is a lot of support for all types of creative endeavours, not necessarily just metal. For example there is a strong noise scene. (Randy also has a solo noise project - Death Talisman VII, which he performs with regularly.) A lot of the shows we play are not all strictly with metal bands either; there is a lot of variety to each line up and it all works quite well and keeps things interesting. I definitely miss New Zealand, and it will always be home to me. Being rather cut off from the rest of the world means that people are more appreciative when bigger bands do come down, and the local scene is very close knit and supportive of each other. However the distance also makes it harder to gain exposure on an international level, as if you want to tour anywhere other than NZ or Australia, you each have to shell out several thousand dollars before you even step foot in another country.
What are the concept of the lyrics of Orbweaver? and why you named the band like: Orbweaver? 
This would really be a question for Randy, as he writes the lyrics. In a nutshell though, the concepts revolve around fictional stories of an alternate, occult world. You might say the name hit Randy in the face, he was taking a walk in the garden when he stepped face first into an Orbweaver’s web.
Had the band chance of play in live? and do you have mind for a tour for promote this new material?
The band began playing live a few months after forming in 2010. We are in the process of booking a tour around the release, the first date being the release party on August 2nd in Miami.
Well Sally hope for the release of this first work, but do you have any last words to end this interview?
Thanks for the interview, and we hope all you guys will enjoy ‘Strange Transmissions From The Neuralnomicon’ when it comes out in August!

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